10 January 2010

Another little brother

Whilst we have be on a blogging hiatus, we have neglected to mention some important news. We should see another Bruggie baby arrive in about 7 to 9 week's time.
Martin points at Lana's stomach and mentions the baby is in there. Soon he will have a little brother to play with. And so will all the rest of the family.
(In this photo Ariel is enjoying herself chasing after Martin - round and round the treasure table)

Everything is on track and progressing well. Lana is getting tired and not enjoying the heat at all. Summer pregnancies are not at all fun, considering the growing in-built water heater and general heat, water and weight joys.

Hopefully, this baby won't require the same excitement that Martin raised!


patternnuts said...

Congratulations and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :)