26 April 2008

Playground's Progress

Since our last photo showing the beginning of our project, we have come to this. A nice deep hole which the boys have finished digging. And the framework for the main fort, with ground floor and upper floor completed.
Unfortunately we have had rain, sickness and other distractions, but so far so good. The second level allows for adults to stand on the lower area - so long as they watch their head.
Next we will be finishing the walls and upper turrets and roof.  Also we will be timing when to put in the pole with it's concrete supports.
Onward we go...


Anonymous said...


You and David certainly think alike, lol here are some pics of our playground
We have three more upcoming birthdays in the next week so more additions plus I haven't added Dominic's birthday addition yet. You'll have to wait and see;)

Anonymous said...

David, how are things going along??? We would love to see another photo of the playground. God Bless Anna