20 April 2008

Little Girls Dreaming

We have been enjoying watching "I Dream of Jeannie" episodes. We picked up a collection of DVDs containing all the episodes from series 1 to 3. This is part of the "Cultural Appreciation Studies" module of our curriculum.
This photo shows Clare demonstrating the opening sequence where Jeannie does her belly dance. "I'm not wearing her silly clothes, but I do like the dance," Clare told us.
Meanwhile Rose has taken to folding her arms and then bobbing her head and announcing, "Bing! You beard." [You now have a beard] or "Bing! You long hair!"

In unrelated children's tales, Rose often awakes early in the morning to go to the bathroom and on the way back she detours into our room and ends up in our bed. I quizzed her about this the other morning and said, "Why are you in my bed?"
"Big bed for sharing!" she quickly replied.
Yesterday we awoke to find Rose NOT in our bed. When I saw her I asked, "Why weren't you in my bed last night?"
"I'm a dood dirl." [I'm a good girl]

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