11 April 2008

Playground 3.0 Beta

In response to a commenter's request, here is a photo of the plan we created for the playground. You could call this the beta version or mock up. This gave our neighbour an idea of what we wanted.
"That's good. But what about ..." and off we went with what is known in the industry as "feature creep".
The basic model (pictured) includes:
- fort
- two towers
- slide
- swing between slide tower and main tower
- little shop (with Rose's Lego figure waving to us).
- climbing rope

New, improved features:
- flying fox
- shade cloth from the central pole
- water tank attached to the fort roof (as all country roofs have a water tank attached.)
- the corner tower will be a larger L shape.
- Sand pit under one of the forts
... and more to come.

It should all work pretty cost effective as we are using recycled hardwood timber.  The mission is to create a playground good for our children but also their children when they visit.  This is going to be a multi generational playground so we have to build it tough.


patternnuts said...

What is/was your source for the recycled hardwood timber?

Love the model too.

DavidofOz said...

There is a local building supplies place which deals with lots of recycled building materials. We are using hardwood bearers and joists which take quite a bit of work to hammer and screw into - it is hard!
But if we used Pine it wouldn't last.

The Woman of the House said...

Very cool!

How do you keep out the nasty Australian spider and things?

God bless,

DavidofOz said...

We're equal opportunity playground builders. There will be things for children big and small and I'm sure there will be room for some spiders and other exciting locals. We'll make sure to take a photo of the first boarders!