6 April 2008

Playground v3.0

When we first moved to our property it was a vacant block with four big pine trees. We moved an old army barracks for living space and attached a septic system, power and water tanks. But there wasn't much space so Lana and I bought some wood and swing bits and made a simple playground. That way Lana would be able to say "Get out and play!" when everyone was getting stir crazy.
That playground didn't weather very well and was pulled down and we had an old plastic playground obtained from a fast food chain which upgraded their playground. This was fine, but the children would appreciate a swing and better climbing bits.
So, now that a neighbour is able to help we are upgrading our playground.
The first step was designing a sample using Lego. This gave us all a chance to add ideas and discuss options. When our neighbour saw the plan he asked in astonishment, "How big is this playground?"
"About 30 foot square." we answered.
"We do things in bulk," I explained, "Bulk house, bulk children and bulk playground."
He grinned a and said, "This'll be fun!"
The plans include a fort, swing, slide, climbing frame, sandpit, shop for the girls, bridge - even a watertank to catch the rainwater so the children can waste their own water!
The first part is digging the holes and foundation. In the picture you can see James digging a very deep hole to secure an old power pole, from which we will attach a flying fox cable, shade cloth and maybe even a flag or two.
As Playground 3.0 is developed, we will keep you informed.


Friar Suppliers said...

Totally cool!

Anonymous said...

I love this comment:
"We do things in bulk," I explained, "Bulk house, bulk children and bulk playground."
Enjoy your newest bulk project...I hope the fun comes in bulk too ;o)

patternnuts said...

How exciting and fun! (Hidden education too.... :) )
I am looking forward to all of the details!

Anonymous said...

Hello from your Norwegian friend again. Sorry I haven't been that active lately, but I do love to read your posts.

You really get the most out of everything and educating too - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The lego was a great idea. Do you have a picture of the model?

DavidofOz said...

Hi Ian
I have added a post showing the Lego model and what it lead to.
Playgound 3.0 Beta



KC said...

What an awesome project! I can't wait to see the work in progress and the end result.