22 April 2008

Martin is one!

We celebrated Martin's first birthday this weekend. Yes, it has already been one year since his rather dramatic entry into the world.
Despite our best efforts he hadn't quite grasped the concept of blowing out the candle. Grabbing it and trying to eat it he had down pat, but blowing was an advanced concept. However, he did enjoy everyone singing "Happy Birthday". I suspect it was because he realised the song was always followed by yummy food.
Lana made a cake to share with the locals at the village store on Saturday. A customer tasted some of the birthday cake and saw Lana nursing Martin.
She asked Lana, "Did you make this cake?"
"You should cook professionally.  It is very nice."
"I actually make the muffins for the store."
The customer looked at Martin and suggested, "I suppose you probably wouldn't have the time."
"Oh, I have more at home," Lana replied casually.
"Oh have you?" the customer politely enquired. The rest of the regulars listened in with interest as they could sense what was coming.
"There's five more at home." Lana replied.
"YOU HAVE SIX?" the customer answered with her jaw open.
"No, seven," Lana replied, pointing to Rose sitting beside her drinking a milkshake, "Rose is mine too."
All Lana got was a shocked look and an "Ohhhh."
You just can't buy that type of fun.


Friar Suppliers said...

God bless you dear Martin! I hope your birthday was a sweet as you are.

patternnuts said...

Happy Birthday Martin!!!!

karisma said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! My goodness that year went by very quickly! God Bless!

matthew archbold said...

I only have five and I get looks. People ask me point blank "Are you done?" What an odd question.

DavidofOz said...

Hi Matthew

Our first reply is always, "Done? It's not up to us. Ask God, he has the plan."
Turn the question around, "Do you only have two? Wow. That's so hard. It gets much easier once you have four or more. The older ones help out and you get the full family experience. How do you handle just one or two children?"

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
There is no email address on your blog.
I love your response.
We only have two children, not that I don't want more but God is the author of that.
You may not remember me. I met you, Lana, and your kiddos at PE in Blairsville.
We may be moving to Australia, and are in much prayer over the matter.

DavidofOz said...

Hi Trish

The email link got lost when we converted our blog template. Thanks for letting us know - it is now back so you can email us.
Australia is a great place to live, we highly recommend it. If you look back over our blog you will read many of the things we discovered which were different between our two countries. And you will see that both are great places to live.
If you ever visit let us know and we'll make sure we get to meet again! If you need local help arranging things, we can certainly assist.