5 November 2007

A woman's touch

Yesterday Clare and Rose decided to clean up their cubby house. This involved using broom, dustpan and brush and rearranging all the furniture. Satisfied with their work, Clare went up to Lana and said, "Can you look at our cubby house? I cleaned it up. It needed a woman's touch."
Over dinner that night I asked Clare where she had heard that phrase. I knew it was a phrase we didn't use around home.
"Calamity Jane. She said it when she cleaned up that house."
We haven't watched Calamity Jane for some time. It is amazing what the children remember and apply at appropriate moments.


Sherri said...

I love it...yes, it is amzing what they remember!!

Robin said...

Oh! That little cubby house is adorable! Did you guys make it?
I've been reading your blog this morning and it amazes me that homeschools can be so similar, even though you live in Australia, and we live in the States.
Have a great holiday!
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DavidofOz said...

A family down the road was moving out and their children were a bit old so they sold it to us for a song. We then moved it to our place.
We moved it closer to the house which has worked out much better.
(See: Moving House)