5 November 2007

Baby Defences - We're at Defcon 2.5

There are several stages of home defence as a baby gains greater mobility.
Defcon 0 - You can leave the baby in one spot and you know he will be there when you return.
Defcon 1 - He is rolling so no more leaving him on a bed or spot where he can roll into danger.
Defcon 2 - Crawling! Everything up higher and watch where you are walking and running, especially if your arms are full.
Defcon 3 - Walking. Godzilla time. The baby will wander anywhere at any time, pick up whatever is in reach and place it straight in his mouth. Favourites include delicate Lego creations and train sets. And dirt. Lots of it.
Defcon 4 - Climbing. Batten down the hatches.
This photo is from this evening. Martin at just over 6 months and is crawling and now pulling himself up. Any fingers in reach - ready or not - are grabbed by Martin and held tightly expecting a walk with his arms raised high. Grandma and Opa are favourite victims.

Here are the rest of the series of posts detailing the ever increasing Defcon ratings of Martin: The Defcon Tales

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Matthew S said...

I went to defcon 3 at 10 months and 6 days with my current littlest one. We are currently at defcon 3.25, she is just toying with the concept of climbing.

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S
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