2 December 2005

Moving House

Today we moved the cubby house from the back corner of the property to near the house. In this way Clare and Rose can play and not be too far away.
As we gathered around the small house planning the proper methodology, Lana's Dad arrived and said we had 30 minutes before a huge rain and thunder storm would hit.
I was on one end with the two wheeled trolley whilst everyone else held the other end. Together we pushed and pulled it and its deck to the new position.

It began to get VERY dark as we hurriedly joined the little deck to the cubby house and we settled it into place. As the first large drops began to fall we raced to cover and watch sheets of rain drench everything. There was so much rain that the tanks overflowed after 10 minutes, which meant we received enough water to cover several washings and two days of water use.

Now Clare and Rose have a little house in which to play, and we plan on building a small sand pit right next to it too.

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