19 November 2007

A child's view of being ill

This is Rose, asleep on the toilet lid.
She has been watching Clare and thought it would be a good idea if she was sick. That would mean some lemonade and watch movies. So she told us she was sick. But she did not look at all ill the way she was jumping about.
Then she went to the toilet and was sick everywhere but the bowl.
OK. So NOW she was officially ill.
This morning she said, "I'm not sick now." and she stood next to Lana and I as we were in my office doing some work on the computers. Then she burped and looked at us and exploded. Luckily just on the floor and not the desk.
So we cleaned up again and set her on the lounge.
"Don't wanna bucket." she said to us, "I'm not sick."
So she went to the toilet and lay over it. Not long afterwards she fell asleep as you see here.
Meanwhile last night Clare fainted when she stood up for our nightly prayers.
"I fell asleep standing up," was how she described it later to Grandma.
Well, it's gradually going through everyone.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Awww, poor baby!
I hope that nasty illness has finished its rounds in your family!

Feel better,
Peace and Laughter,