1 November 2007

The Colours of a Rose

One morning this week Rose stumbled in to us half awake looking like this. Her face was covered in texta (marker pen). Rose offered no explanation other than a blank half smile. Luckily it washed off reasonably easy.
In other child news, Clare was listening when I explained that we would go out as a family for our wedding anniversary, as the children were the fruit of that decision.
That evening when we were discussing where we would go Clare announced, "I'll carry the fruit."
"What?" asked Lana.
"The fruit of your anniversary. I'll carry it." Clare explained.
"Ah no, Clare," I said, "YOU are the fruit."
Sometimes the children are a bit too literal in their misunderstanding.

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Bretta said...

Happy Anniversary! We always celebrate with our children too.

Miss y'all!