31 July 2007

Telemarketers: We have a deal for you!

Lana was having one of her brief periods of quiet feeding Martin when the telephone rang.
An Indian accented voice answered "Hello, This is blahblah blah. We have a special deal offering a family package of 25 nights free accommodation for $299."
[How can something be "Free" for $299"?]
Lana paused and thought she would give them a challenge.
"We have seven children. Not many hotels handle that many children. How would your deal handle this?"
"I'll just get my supervisor."
A short while later, another Indian accented lady answered, "this is Sandra Parker. You have seven children?"
"What are their ages?"
Lana gave the ages, enjoying the challenge.
"I'll just speak to our manager"
She asked to call back and finished the call. A short while later she called back and got really pushy.
"2 kids stay free, plus a no-name mp3 player all for $299."
After some further wheedling out of her, she finally admitted that we would have to pay extra at the hotel for the additional children. After trying to get Lana to sign up, Lana replied:
"I'll call my husband."
"Does he like to save money?"
"He's an accountant. Of course."
"Give him a surprise"
Lana replied, "He doesn't like those kind of surprises! Undiscussed spending is not a pleasant surprise."
[When Lana told me she had been told to give me a surprise, I was surprised by the question! I did like Lana's answer.]
More pressure and sales talk, until Lana firmly replied:
"No I'll talk to him and get back to you or it's NO right now."
Sandra backed down and arranged to call back at 4:00pm.
Looking up the web site, Lana read all the conditions. The "Free" accommodation relied on buying breakfast and dinner at the hotel for two adults, or pay for one night and get the second night free. Investigating further, Lana realised that there aren't that many hotels in the areas we would visit so for us there was little value.
Sandra called back at 4:00pm on the dot and decided to try strong arm tactics, little realising that Lana is NOT going to spend money if she doesn't want to, and the resistance grows stronger the more she is pushed.
After lots of wheedling and coaxing and suggestions of "You should take a holiday" and "This is a great deal" and "You'll save lots of money" and so on, Lana eventually told her in no uncertain terms that "We are NOT interested."
I must say Lana enjoyed the challenge she posed to the Telemarketer.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Wish I had someone like your wife to deal with MY telemarketers! Does she give lessons?

Peace and Laughter,