22 July 2007

James didn't want a break

On Friday I returned home from a busy week in the city to a sad James with his arm in a sling.
"I fell of the trampoline and hurt my arm, Dad."
Lana and her mum had done the important things. There didn't appear to be an obvious break as James could wiggle his fingers and clench his fist. So we wrapped his elbow, gave him some Panadol (Paracetemol) for the pain and he had a fitful sleep.
The swelling had reduced overnight but he was still in pain. Hmmm. One more night.
After Mass we unwrapped his arm again and noticed a little bruise on the inside of his elbow. Now the only pain was at his elbow but it was strong pain.
"Okay James. We're going to the hospital." The first photo is his reaction.
So, off Lana (and her attachment, little Martin) with James and I to Hospital, about 40 minutes away. The triage nurse gave us "the look" when we said James had injured himself on Friday at about 4:00pm. Anyway, 1.5 hours later we saw a doctor who gave us a slip for us to get an X Ray. Then James was X Rayed with much pain as he was made to straighten out his arm as the technician and I hid behind a glass pane.
He felt it wasn't a break because of the movement of James' hand and fingers but we were sent back to the waiting room for the doctor.
Eventually the doctor called us in and told us there was a small break just above the elbow. It was more like a tear or crack but James was to have a plaster cast. It should take 8 weeks before it gets removed. All in all we returned home 5.5 hours after we left.
But James is much happier (as you can see in the "after" shot).
So, that was today's adventure.

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