1 July 2007

In Sickness and in Health

Rose is sick with a stomach virus which means a sore stomach and sore bottom. I had the same thing two weeks ago and I was off work for the week. But Rose is only 3 years old and doesn't understand this whole sickness thing. So while Lana has been tired as Martin is getting his sleep patterns worked out, I have been getting Rose to bed and helping her in the middle of the night. The older children also assist to help us out.
The middle of the night is a good time for pondering life's little mysteries, holding your daughter's little hand until she falls into a calm sleep.
When I made my wedding vows with Lana - For Better or Worse, Richer or Poorer in Sickness and in Health - it didn't actually occur to me the full impact of the words. Each of these conditions has nothing to do with one's feelings, and it is also not limited to just my spouse. By extension it also applies to our children while they are in our care. So when anyone in the family is sick - Lana, myself or the children - the rest of the family partakes of the vows to persevere. In effect, living out the marital vows makes everyone in the family grow up.
Thank you God for the grace of marriage to help us through tired nights, soiled bed clothes, crabby temperaments and bleary eyes.

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