3 February 2011

Situational Sickness

We have a stomach virus going through the family. :-(
For a change Zach and I had it first and it is slowly making its way through each member of the household.
Martin noticed that his sick siblings, Peter and Rose, received special treatment such as flat lemonade (soda/pop) and being allowed to lie around in the loungeroom watching movies.
This sounded pretty good so when he noticed the lemonade he said in as pathetic a voice as possible, "I'm sick."  After drinking his drink slowly, he looked around carefully.  He miraculously felt better and moved around a lot for a "sick" person, happily posing doing handstands on the couch, then running outside helping Opa with the garden.
Upon returning inside he noticed the lemonade again and quickly stopped, saying "I'm sick."
Somehow, I am not too concerned about his imminent recovery from this dreadful "illness".  His siblings are coming along fine too.

Update:  Now Martin has caught the virus.  He isn't quite so quick to do handstands.  At least with everyone getting the same thing we know how it will run as each member has it in their turn.
Update 2:  Lana is down. Bah.

1 comment:

Karen said...

if only all the "i'm sick" comments could be fixed with Lemonade!
Prayers for a speedy recovery - we had it here in the states and it was not pretty!
God Bless