6 February 2011

Youth and Technology

Children are starting earlier and earlier these days!
Here is Zach using Eric's iPod Touch before Mass last week.  Well, if you can define "using" as playing with the thing in his hands.  But the photo does make it look like he is quite competent with those chubby fingers.
Not too surprisingly we are quite a high tech household. As I upgrade computers for my work I keep the older machine for the family to use.  We currently have a wide mix of Macs, Windows clones and iPods, iPod touches, iPad and iPhone.  They are all integrated over the web as well as using our home wired and wireless network.
It is great fun having me and the 3 boys all in the same game.  In one game based on Lord of the Rings, we were all on one side.  As James' Gondorian soldiers were outside his fort being heavily outnumbered by more and more orcs he called out, "Can anyone help?"
Next moment my Rohan riders came charging in and clearing the screen of nasty orcs, saving the day.  Dad to the rescue!

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