22 January 2011

Sibling Togetherness

One of the ladies in our online homeschooling list was gathering input regarding the homeschooling effects on sibling rivalry.  I referred the group to our previous posts (here here and here) but this led to discussions at home as well.

Eric likes sitting next to Zach in the van.  He reckons there are some great advantages, along with a few disadvantages, but overall he prefers that seat.  Eric says, "It is entertaining and at times highly profitable".

 - You can play with the baby (see here and here for some examples)
 - You can eat the left overs which means you often get one and a half ice creams.

 - When they are tired and scream.  Not pleasant but worth the effort in calming them down.

(The second photo is when Rose was three months old.  Eric added a Red Nose to Rose)

The other children wanted to add in their bit too:
The Boys (17,14,12): multi player games with opponents on hand is fun.
Peter (12): without them you get bored so easily
Ariel (19): [Evil laugh] - you can get them to do tasks you don't want to: but they're noisy and they take up your time and you have to feed them ... (after a delay)... but sometimes they're fun.
James (14): They're fun.  The younger ones find all my old tricks really new and funny.
Clare (9): You have someone to play with.
Martin (3): Because you love 'em.

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jugglingpaynes said...

I've found the older mine get, the chattier they are with each other. They could talk about books or projects all night. I love that they have a good relationship with each other. It's not perfect, of course, but it is much happier and friendlier than the relationship I had with my brother and sister growing up.

Love the picture of Rose!

Peace and Laughter,