20 September 2008

A Claytons Birthday Party

Even with 9 birthdays plus Grandma and Opa there is still a drought of birthday parties between July and October.  The solution?
Celebrate someone else's!
My sister is turning 40 around now so we have celebrated her birthday.
Happy Birthday to my sister from the Bruggies up North!

Note: The term "Claytons" is an Australian term meaning "The [Insert thing here] you have when you're not having a [Insert thing here]".  In this case this is a birthday party we are celebrating when we're not celebrating a birthday!


Oz said...

We also celebrate the birthdays of deceased relatives (like my Dad) and our patron (or favourite) saints. That gives us at least one birthday every month :-)

Fe said...

There's also the option of the 'un-birthday'—six months out from your birthday. I have some friends who have shifted their main celebration to their un-birthday, because the season is more suited to their temperament:-)