7 September 2008

Clare's new attempt for a pet

Clare went to Grandma to help her relieve the pain of a bee sting.  Grandma applied the appropriate ointment and TLC and they went in to see Lana.
"Oh no!" said Lana, "How did the bee sting you?"
"I was trying to catch it for a pet." Clare replied.
"Did you catch it?"
"Yes.  I had it in my hands when it stung me."
"So, would a bee make a good pet?"
Clare thought carefully, "No, I don't think so."

This is Clare at the side of the road with a collection of Wattle branches she had collected.


Anonymous said...

This is Monica Galbraith, do you remember me and my family when you came to Howell Michigan a couple of years ago? well I have a question we borrowed a book from our library about animals and in it there was a picture of an animal called a cucus it is supposed to live in Australia I was wondering if you've seen one and how rare they are.


DavidofOz said...

Hello Monica

We have many great memories of staying with you and you family. It was one of the highlights of our time in the US.
Is "cucus" the right spelling? I don't know what that animal is, and can't even find it using google. Do you have a photo or another name for it?
We have many odd animals here, but one gets used to what is around. For us kangaroos, echidnas and wombats are normal, while we found squirrels, raccoons and deer fascinating!