10 February 2008

The Family Rosary

We have been reliably informed that one can gain great graces by saying family prayers together and that the family Rosary is very effective and worthy.
I am sure that it is not because of the deep meditations one may ponder or spiritual feelings one may experience. I think the benefits accrue from sheer perseverance in the face of all the distractions little ones cause.
This is a quick snap of Martin doing his best to distract us from our determination to say our prayers. He looks like he is bowing to his appreciative audience.
It takes a great amount of perseverance to concentrate of the part of Jesus' life and meditate on that area on which we are praying.
We have read that being distracted during prayers is a very common thing as we are human after all. It is the returning to prayer and not abandoning the effort which is the good thing.
(Note that Martin has now learned to climb onto the Treasure Table, but as he hasn't actually climbed ladders or chairs onto tables, we are still hovering at Defcon 3.5)

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