25 February 2008

Trust but Verify

We have just returned from a working holiday up North. The main location in which we stayed was a holiday house on a farm about 30 minutes south of Beaudesert, Queensland. It was a very isolated spot out of Internet and mobile phone coverage. Also, being so well placed in the bush, the GPS needs to be monitored carefully.
With directions to get to the accommodation from the North, we used the GPS to get there from the South. The two photos in this post indicate two of the roads we were suggested to take.
The fence line on the second photo is called "Strong Road" according to the GPS. Hmmm, I think I would need a strong car to attempt it.
The GPS is still pretty good. It allows us the confidence to try alternate routes even though we know there is the risk the road may not actually exist. We can always back track and try an alternate route.
It also lets us find places like Wonglepong!

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Anonymous said...

beautifull area, I use to live there. no water though...hmm. I lived just to the nrth n the south west. If memory serves me the back track south is a dead end into the mountain range (lamington). I use to drive a 8 seater holden commodore 1/2in lowered on those back tracks at 80 (less than standard speed unless singed.Qld speds 100km on open acess rd such as that.) love your blog you keep it real. not enough large families in au so this is great to us outcast folk.