22 June 2007

Families are Fun

Martin is now about nine weeks old and is a very important member of the family. Oh sure, he always has been since he first started as a little dot in Lana's womb, but now he is interacting and that means he is part of the fun of family life.
I have always given each child a probation period of three months before they must start paying rent. Rent of one smile per day. Luckily they all start smiling around seven weeks or so. Just as sleep deprivation kicks in, every parent wonders "What is the point of all this trial?" Then the baby gives a huge grin (and a burp,gurgle and wind) and you look into his intensely staring eyes and say, "OK. You can stay. Now go to sleep."
But the really good bit about the interaction is you can play games with the baby. Here is Martin doing Yoda impressions. Although he isn't green.
I was in my office checking emails and Eric came in, "Dad, get the camera. This is funny." So I stepped out and all hands assisted in giving Martin his first posed Bruggie Tales photo. I think this will work for his 21st birthday photo montage.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart! He is a very handsome little lad...I love that smile!...makes a heart light!

{{{{HUGS}}} to little Martin!

Anonymous said...

No better start to the day than a beautiful baby smile--and YODA! ROTFLOL

You guys are great!

Blessings : )

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Precious! Hysterical! :)

karisma said...

Oh he's a sweetheart. Is Rose happy with her new big sister role?

DavidofOz said...

Rose thinks Marnin (her spelling) is pretty fun. She is one of his more constant sources of interaction.
Martin isn't flinching when he hears Rose's approach so he mustn't be too upset yet.

Matthew S said...

I think he is trying to say something in the second picture. uhhhh, let me see if I can make it out...."We come in peace to live long and prosper, oh and I think my pants need changed, daddy"

Love the blog, my wife (from 4real) loves it too and likes reading your posts their too.

Under the Mercy,
Matthew S