23 June 2007

Brrrr. What's all this white stuff?

Last night was REALLY cold. Ariel awoke early to make her famous Strawberry Cheesecake muffins for the local shop. With frost on her breath INSIDE she went to the barracks and found a jumper (sweater). It was -6 C (21F). I know all you hardy Northern types think this would class as mild Summer weather but for us this is COLD!
Naturally the boys rushed out and explored the transformed back yard.
Here is Peter looking through the frozen remains of an ice cream container.
James, meanwhile, figured it would be fun to use the trampoline rugged up in many layers of clothing. I asked Ariel, "What do you think of the cold weather?"
Without hesitation she answered, "I don't like it!"
My main problem was that the pipes were actually frozen so we had to wait a short while until the sun melted enough of the pipes so I could have a shower. It's the little things that matter!

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