14 June 2007

Mars on Earth

I visited a client in Broome a few weeks ago. Have a look at the map and you will notice that Broome is in the top left corner of Australia, a very long way from here and a long way from everywhere else in Australia.
This is the first time I had travelled so far North West and I was very surprised that everything was so RED. If you ever want to film a movie about Mars, just go West from the coast.
On the return trip I flew direct from Broome to Sydney. This is a 5 hour flight in a straight line. Around half way the plane banked to the left and then straightened. "That's odd," I thought.
About 5 minutes later the pilot announced, "On the right hand side of the plane you should be able to see Uluru or Ayer's Rock."
Naturally I took photos so I could show the family. This photo is enhanced to remove the high level mist in the air. Notice how bleak (and Red) the land is surrounding Ayer's Rock. Imagine how the initial explorers travelled over the bleak, dry land a long way from any civilisation with no long range communications. Amazing!

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