5 August 2006

A wet Blog of Summer

Rain. Rain. Rain. We had to go out today to stock up the pantry (and get out of the house), visit the library and return some movies.
Now go brighten our day and vote for Bruggie Tales as a Blog of Summer.


RennyBA said...

Hello dear friends from down under:-)
It's a bit pitty you have winter and rain while we have the loveliest summer weather in Norway, but then again it's soon your turn!
Btw: You got my vote in Blogs of Summer again of course. Good luck - I'm crossing my fingers for you:-)

patternnuts said...

I have already voted for you. As of yesterday you were at about 15% I believe.
The only sad part about the visit to the snow is the stack of snow toys that we aren't using right now. I wish I could teleport them to you.