5 August 2006

A scorpion in the shower!

When Lana went into the shower, there were no bugs. As she stepped out there was a drowned scorpion on the floor.
A scorpion! What's a scorpion doing here, in the middle of winter, with bucketloads of rain outside, in the shower? It's not a big scorpion, less than the size of a 5 cent piece/penny. But it's the first one we've ever seen - so therefore it's the biggest one!

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patternnuts said...

Eeww! Yuck! *shiver
Isn't it said that the smaller they are the more poisonous they are?

DavidofOz said...

Don't tell me that! Now I'm shivering. [by Lana]

DavidofOz said...

It looks big because I took a very close photo!
We left it there whilst we went for a walk. When we returned it had moved! So we put it into a jar for later observation. That's science donchaknow?

Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

Yikes! That is much scarier looking than the ones we have here in Texas. Ours are lighter in color and have smaller stingers. Greg said that ours look like sissy scorpions compared to this!