16 August 2006

Triloom Tartan - Done!

Lana has finally completed the Triloom Tartan Ruana. After finishing the first half (as seen here), she then began the second half on top of the first.
Then the edges of both were strengthened and they were joined half way along the longest edges.
It took quite some time to complete, but Lana was determined to just finish the thing now that it had been started.
I think it worked quite well, don't you?


patternnuts said...

I love it Lana! The colors are so nice!
(And your modeling is divine ;) )

Anonymous said...

It looks great. And so comfy!

Nissa said...

Oh, it's beautiful Lana! What a lot of work. It'll surely be an heirloom!



Anonymous said...

You are a very talented lady.

Cathy said...

It looks exquisite! I am trying not to be jealous of your skill on the loom. :-)

Bretta said...

Very pretty, Lana! Nicely done.

DavidofOz said...

Thanks everyone for your fan mail!
Lana was able to try the ruana this morning when we left for the market in a -1C (30F) morning. It worked well.
Adriana: I have added Knitting Gold to our blog list.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I'm so excited I'm bouncing, LOL! I worked my way through college in a weaving studio and loved it. Your ruana is gorgeous and I know just how much hard, hard work it was. Congratulations!