17 August 2006

Our Book Story

Cajun Cay from Cajun Cottage under the Oaks has tagged me in a Book Meme. A blog "meme" is where one blogger answers a set of questions and then "tags" another blogger with the same questions. It's a bit like "Tag - you're it!" or a chain letter. Normally we aren't part of these things but the questions got me thinking.
As we are into lots of books and I don't just read one book at any one time, my answers aren't necessarily short. After all, you need one book for the bedside table, another for the "throne" room, one for listening in the car, another whilst doing cross stitch, another when I am at the hotel and so on.

1) One book that changed your life:
Many books have made a great impact, but one that made a huge change to the direction of our lives was Why Johnny Can't Read by Rudolf Flesch. It tells the story of phonics, how we read and even includes a phonics program at the end of the book.

2) A book you have read more than once
I tend to remember everything I read pretty well, so don't often go back and re-read books. I do re-listen to lots of audio books with the children. I very much enjoyed re-reading CS Lewis's science fiction trilogy that begins with Out of the Silent Planet. I last read that when I was 16, so it was very interesting to read it at this stage of life. We have re-listened to "Have Spacesuit will Travel" and "The Rolling Stones" by Robert Heinlein a number of times.

3) One book you'd want on a desert island:
Probably a Reader's Digest book "How to escape from a Desert Island", or the "Dummy's guide to surviving a Desert Island". Failing that, the Douay-Rheims Bible by Fr Geo. Leo Haydock. There are so many notations from Christian fathers and doctors of the Church I would need the time on a desert island to get through them all.

4) One book that made you laugh:
Red Dwarf by Grant Naylor. The Book of Acts always has me laughing, especially when St Peter is left standing at the door of his friend's house when the girl rushes off inside. Also, the children have enjoyed laughing while reading "Hunter Planet" - now out of print.

5) One book that made you cry:
Is this just for girls? I don't read crying books. Indeed!

6) One book you wish you had written:
The one I'm currently writing for the children - The Zorro Family.

7) One book you wish had never been written:
Ariel reckons her Maths book shouldn't have, but other than that we don't read books that shouldn't have been written.

8) One book you are currently reading:
Car: Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens
Hotel: The Glory of Christendom by Warren Carroll (book 3 of his world history series)
Throne: The Marriage Manual by Msgr George Kelly
Lounge/Bed: Robbery under Arms by Rolf Boldrewood
Train: Deathworld 3 by Harry Harrison (despite the title, very homourous Science fiction)
To the children: The Tobyman by Dick King Smith

9) One book you have been meaning to read:
I have such a backlog, I haven't time to plan beyond the current ones.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating, Dave.
I enjoyed reading your selections. :)