3 August 2006

A Cold Blog of Summer

Bruggie Tales has been nominated in one of a series of polls for interesting "Blogs of Summer". Make sure you go to here to vote for Bruggie Tales, if only to show you appreciation of the irony of a blog talking about an Australian Winter nominated as an interesting Summer Blog.
The Poll is shown on the left hand side bar, a little further down the page. And here is a photo of James enjoying a toboggan when we went to the snow.


Bretta said...

I actually was at that site this morning and saw your blog on the poll...only I thought it was over so I didn't vote then. But I've done so now :o)
I'm a big fan of "Rocks in My Dryer" too, but you got my vote!

DavidofOz said...

Thanks Bretta.
We're currently in the lead with 6 votes!

Lyn said...


You’ve been nominated for a fun summer blog award called the Blogs of Summer. It’s more of a big linkfest, but if you want to win (or at least make a showing) ask your friends to go vote for you. Here are the relevant blogs…

To Vote:
http://debtfree4ever.blogspot.com/ (poll on left, scroll down)

To Visit the Nominees:

To Trackback if You Want:

To Figure Out What’s Going On:

Thanks for joining the fun.
Lyn from Bloggin’ Outloud

(PS, You're winning so far! Also, enjoy my Australian slang at my Open Trackback today, lol)

NerdMom said...

I am so jealous. It was over 110 for 2 weeks straight here (california). I would love snow!