12 August 2006

The back of Cross Stitch

Friends of ours have asked Lana the best way of finishing off the ends of threads in Cross stitch. Kathleen Dyer has a great tutorial for cross stitching at http://users.rcn.com/ kdyer.dnai/ nf_xstitch_tut.html. The lesson on "How to end the thread" is here.
This is one of EMS's baby animals we are showing as an example of the front and back of a picture. Basically, to finish a thread at the back, you thread under about four to five stitches and then trim the tail close. Never, ever knot the thread. That's knot on - either at the start or end of the thread!
Lana has done a coollection of these baby animals, some of which have made it into a quilt. You can see the whole range at the EMS site.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lana and David! That is the help I needed!