30 April 2004

The wedding of Colette and Tim

After about an eight-year courtship, Tim finally asked Colette to be his wife. Despite our promptings, they couldn’t do it before we left, so we had resigned ourselves to the disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to attend. However, the Australian trip all came together very well. David was able to attend. So Colette made sure David wasn’t just a bystander. She got him to do the first reading and responsorial psalm at the wedding, and say the Grace at the reception. He also took quite a few photos.

On the trip to the wedding, David was in the Bridal car with Colette and their parents, looking over the wedding booklet. Curious, he noticed that the wedding vows weren’t detailed in the booklet, so he asked Colette. Colette replied that they had already discussed them with the priest and all concerned knew what was going to be said. David mentioned there were a few options and recalled the ones he remembered from our wedding. He was assured all was fine.

What do you mean we forgot the vows?

At the all important moment when Tim and Colette were ready to convey the Sacrament of Matrimony to each other by pronouncing their vows in front of God, the church and many witnesses, the priest looked in his booklet, then at Tim and Colette and asked, “Where are your vows?” Colette looked at Tim, the priest and then to the church and said aloud, “David! You were right!” The priest quickly searched for his book, couldn’t find it, but mentioned he had done lots of weddings anyway so should know what to say and Tim and Colette were able to get married after all.

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