30 April 2004

Australia is still there.

The end of a wet day after some rain - Yea, Victoria, Aust.

In late March David travelled to Australia to assist a client upgrade to Greentree Accounting software. It was a very busy time trying to fit data conversion, implementation and training into two weeks. However, after initial teething issues all sites have when changing software, it is going to plan.
Prior to the two weeks in Australia, David had a week in Chicago, so David was away from the family for three weeks.

Whilst he was in Australia, he was able to make it to Colette and Tim’s wedding. (More below). Whilst in Melbourne he caught up with the family and some friends. It is still dry in most of Australia, with water restrictions in most state capitals. He took some photos of country Victoria which had some much needed rain on the day he was there. The yellow grass should be green at this time of year.

David had a long list of Australian specialty foods he was to bring back, such as Vegemite, coconut, Violet Crumbles, Allens’ Snakes, Passionfruit pulp, Milo, Custard powder, chocolate (lots of) and other candy (lollies). Even though he took quite a few books for homeschoolers in Australia, his bags were still heavier on the return journey.

David also brought back a bonus surprise for Lana. One of his clients, Dream Angel, distributes a great spring pillow. It is a pillow that has internal springs inside padded pockets inside padding. The pillow stays firm for a very, very long time and is extremely comfortable. They are supplied in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag that makes transport great. Once the plastic is opened, air rushes in and the pillow expands.

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