30 April 2004

Short Notes - April 2004

Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the possum it is possible.

Breakfast Bars – Typically one thinks of the breakfast bars as the equivalent of a healthy cereal made into a bar for people on the go. Well, in the supermarkets here are breakfast bars based on Froot Loops and Frosties for the busy people that really want to be on the go!

Butter – Butter is typically sold in packs of 4 sticks – individually wrapped portions of ¼ pound (4 oz) each. US recipes typically require butter as 1 stick, or ½ stick of butter.

Jousting – the boys have made a new game. Dressing up as knights and listening to Howard Pyle’s Adventures of King Arthur and Tales of Robin Hood, inspired them to set up targets on chairs, pick up long sticks (lances) and charge!

Rose – Our due date for Rose is June 2. So, she may well be in the next issue!

Jousting in the backyard

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