23 July 2014

Another one through!

Eric has passed his driving test and now has his P (Probationary) plates.  He has now gained another independence step, freeing him from the vagaries of public transport.  At least that will be the case when he gets his own car.
In Australia, learner drivers need to pass a knowledge test, then accumulate 120 hours of driving experience (including 20 hours of night time driving) over a minimum of 12 months and then pass a driving test with close to 100% success.
The resulting Red P plate has some limitations, moving to the green P plate after at least a year and then finally a full license at a minimum of a year again.  So from the time of passing the Learner Driver test, it is at least 3 years before you become a fully licensed driver.
We have two children through so far.  The next is about to take his test and then we have another 15 or so years of learner driving as we go through the remaining 5 children.
I am very glad that Lana's father is around to help with the driving load!
Well done Eric!


jugglingpaynes said...

I wish the States had such strict guidelines, at least the "P" plates. I imagine those would be very helpful to inform others that there is a young driver behind the wheel. Congratulations to your son!

DavidofOz said...

Having to put on an L (learner), Red P (1st year Probationary) or Green P (2nd and 3rd year Probationary) plate does let everyone know a bit about the driver. It also means we have to double check any shared cars that the appropriate plate is on. The wrong plate can be penalised quite strongly if you are caught.