27 July 2014

Eric's First Car

Just like a First Car is supposed to be
Now that he has his driving licence, Eric needed something to drive.  By a great stroke of fortune, a relative of a friend had upgraded her car and was able to sell Eric her old one for only $450!  It is roadworthy and runs well. The paintwork may not be premium but who cares? It is a first car and no finance was needed. Well done Eric.
But cars come with other costs.
Insurance (3rd party which covers damage to other vehicles and property) costs about $300 a year.
Registration and compulsory insurance (which covers damage to other people) will probably come in at around $900 a year.
And then general maintenance and other running costs.  Luckily he is a clever fellow and has a knowledgable Opa and father of a friend who can help him with car maintenance.
Now he can be free (er).

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Unknown said...

Eric bought that for just $450? Cool! In my opinion, buying pre-loved cars is good, as long as it still functions well and suits all your needs. As you’ve mentioned, you don't care if the paintwork is not premium. Maybe Eric can design it, depending on his personal preference. It's also great that he has people who can help with its maintenance. In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best to your lovely family!

Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto