15 February 2014

Threats of a 3 year old

Do what I want - or else I'll do this!
Zach has decided to issue ultimatums if he doesn't get his way. He has also discovered that the result isn't always what he expected.

1. He was asking "Why?" a lot at one point.  Then he asked James for something and James said, "No."
"If you don't, I'll ask 'Why' again."
We thought this was a clever threat, but he didn't get what he wanted.

2. Zach wanted Ariel to give him some chocolate.
"Give me some chocolate," he demanded.
"No," answered Ariel.
"If you don't, I'll take this." Zach said, holding up something insignificant.
Ariel shrugged and said, "OK"
So Zach took the insignificant thing and walked off.
A few moments later he returned and asked Ariel, "Guess what I've got behind my back?"
He still didn't get his chocolate.

3. Lana was making muffins in the morning and putting the mixture into the trays.  Zach had already licked the beaters and the scrapers.  Some of the mixture had dripped on the tin rather than in the muffin papers and Rose wiped it off with her finger and licked it.  Zach saw this and wanted to be closer to the muffin trays so he could do the same trick.
He demanded to Rose, "Pick me up or I'll do this!" and pulled the face in the photo above.
Lana and Rose looked at each other, smiled and continued on with their muffin task.

I wonder what his next dire threat will be?

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