9 February 2014

A great day to drive

A selfie in high winds!
Lana's Bug (1968 Volkswagen) is back from the mechanics and is running really well.  Starting, on the other hand, is more of a challenge.
Considering the wonderful Summer weather today - a clear sunny day in the mid 20's (70's F) and should be rising to the mid 30's (90's F) by this afternoon - we decided to give the Bug a whirl.
So we took off the top, jump started the car and went for a drive planning on not stopping until we got back home. With sunglasses in place, sun caps on our heads, smiles on our faces and the important jumper leads in the back, off we went.
The drive was great and we thought it would be a good idea to pop past and see Eric so we sent a Selfie and a text.  We told him we couldn't stop - and we meant it literally!

Unfortunately, although we tried to keep the engine running while we chatted, it still sputtered and died.  We tried a push start a few times. Eric and I pushed downhill and then uphill and then sideways.  But we were rewarded with only a couple of splutters of hope, and then nothing. Luckily, a neighbour popped out and noticed the cute bug, looking sad and forlorn, and helped give us a jump start. We were quickly back on our way again!
What a lovely day! Here we are coming home.
The ride home was uneventful, with the normal waving and smiles from onlookers.
Once home the children wanted a ride too, but we told them we would have to wait until we get the car looked at so it would start when we wanted it to.
"OK," they reluctantly agreed.

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