18 March 2012

Prizes! Prizes!

Clare's Jewellery Box - for Mum
The last two weekends have been show season in this part of the country.  Once more we entered lots of items in the "Pavilion" which contains all the arts, crafts, vegetables, eggs, photos, cooking and other items of interest produced locally.
Each of us entered a number of item according to their interests. I put in some photos, Lana entered much cooking and cross stitch, the other children entered cross stitch, photos, painted figures, and so on.
For example, Peter entered a zucchini we grew in the backyard and won first prize for the largest zucchini.
We all won prizes, which we will show in the next few posts, but here is Clare with a jewellery box she made for Lana.  On the lid were decorations with Lana's name and a butterfly.  Clare made the box with some tutoring from Opa, then painted the box and lined the interior with felt.  She screwed in each of the hook screws (mostly in a straightish line), and then I had the hardest part.
My mission - which I chose to accept - was to find some appropriate decorations in the department store.  This involved multiple phone conversations with me trying to describe the various decorations and hoping that I had translated the requests correctly.
Clare then applied the decorations in her own artistic fashion with some help from Grandma and Opa (as Lana was not allowed to see it before her birthday).  Initially Clare wanted to use EVERY decoration we had purchased.  But that would have made the box completely "Bling".
Clare wanted to put the words "Lana's Box" on the lid, but she agreed that "Lana" would suffice.

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