20 March 2012

Girls making dolls

The Girls and their dolls
Clare and Rose have been insisting I take a photo of the dolls they entered in the show, so they can start playing with them.  About 2 months ago the girls discovered a sewing book in the mobile library which visits our village every fortnight. So naturally they wanted to start making ALL the projects contained in this book of treasures.
Clare completed a knitted bag, a knitted cat, a few other things and the ultimate project - her own doll!
The outline of the dolls were traced onto quilters muslin/calico. Clare hand sewed hers, and Rose started by hand sewing about a leg and a half and reckoned it "was too hard" so used the sewing machine to finish it off under Lana's guidance.
Grandma helped the girls stuff the dolls using her experience making teddy bears.  The eyes, mouth and hair were sewed using back stitch and running stitch.  Rose used felt for the hair.  Buttons were used for ear-rings. Grandma supplied ribbons and Clare hand sewed, while Rose machine sewed the dress and top.
Clare entered her doll "Lady Daisy Chain" in Hand Sewn Article for children 10 and under.  Rose entered her doll "Daisy" in Machine Made Article for children14 and under.  Rose did well for a 7 year old.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Love the dolls and the beautiful jewelry box from the last post. You have a wonderfully creative family!

Peace and Laughter!