29 March 2010

Soon I can play with my brother

Martin has been paying very close attention to Lana and Zach.
He has a great time playing with his older sisters, but he has decided that he needs a younger brother with whom he can get into more boy-like mischief.
So, he has figured it is never too late to start the training regime.
Here he is showing Zach the approved method for holding a toy gun.
Considering that Zach is still at the stage of accidently discovering that the things at the end of his arms are actually under his control, this training may be a bit premature.


Adriana Williamson said...

OH MY GOODNESS... Congratulations to Lana and David on another beautiful baby. We are hoping you are all well. Lots and lots of love from us The Williamsons

Jenny said...

Haha boys and their toys.. atleast Martin has an intersest in his little brother :) even if it is teaching him how to use a toy gun :) Haha