15 March 2008

In Search of ... 12 Chickens

I was ambushed by the children on my return home last night. I had been away or a few nights for work and they had most important news to tell me.
"You need to find the chickens, Dad!"
"There are 12 of them throughout the house."
I paused a moment.
"Chickens?" I enquired, "We don't have chickens."
"Those ones!" they pointed, revealing a yellow easter promoting chicken stuck to a door post, "We have hidden them everywhere."
So I keep finding these chickens everywhere - as promised.
This chicken is stuck above the mirror in the bathroom, inspecting me as I get out of the shower.
So this must mean Easter is getting closer. The Triduum is next week and chocolate Easter eggs aren't far away.

1 comment:

Neuropoet said...

LOL!! You have to find the chickens Dad! :)
I hope you have a blessed Holy Week!