16 March 2008

A Trip to the City

Yesterday we had a boys day out. Eric, James and I visited Sydney for some wargaming, but also to visit one of the large bookstores and just have a day out. I realised we hadn't been to the city for a while when James and Peter were impressed we travelled in a tunnel which went under lots of houses and roads and we travelled under the runways of the airport while planes were landing and taking off.
As we were approaching the city outskirts, Peter was amazed at how tall some buildings were. I suggested he wait until we get to the city center as 10 stories isn't really that big. When we saw a really tall building in the city center, Peter said, "It's so tall they called it Ernst Young. Why did they name the building?".
Their experience of large cities is limited as there is little parking for large vans like ours. Maybe that's why you rarely see families in the city center? Our first photo here is of a stack of "Smart" cars. These are itsy bitsy cars which would be great for singles and couples and for driving around the city, but would fit in the storage space of our van.
The boys thought they were cute. Whereas other boys might say "ooh" and "aah" over sports cars, our boys first comments are normally, "Where do you fit the children?"
Another thing they saw was some statues outside a pub of the three wise monkeys - See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. This led to good discussions too.
As there are so many people, there are more advertisements, which means there is a chance some of the advertisements are actually interesting. Our second photo is for a series of advertisements promoting Wonderbread, a brand of white sliced bread with lots more additives to make up for the additional processing which took everything out.

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