30 June 2004

Rose is born again!

We had originally planned to have Rose baptized on mid June. However, with her arriving later than expected, we deferred the baptism to the end of June. The Baptism was part of Mass so all the parish could participate. It feels as though Rose now has about 50 new grandparents in addition to the standard four.
As Jesus told Nicodemus, “Believe me, no man can enter the Kingdom of God unless birth comes to him from water, and from the Holy Spirit.” [John 3:5] So now, Rose is part of the community, a Christian, and “de-paganized” as Father Wise quipped.
Despite the importance of the occasion, Rose slept through the whole thing, even when the water was poured on he head, and the christening oils were applied to her forehead, ears and lips. Now, if only she would sleep through the night!

Born Again late June 2004

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