30 June 2004

Baby Shower

We were able to experience a most extraordinary tradition common hereabouts known as the “Baby Shower”. This is where a collection of women organize and attend a party for the expectant mum, and shower her with various gifts to help with the upcoming new baby. There is a cake, some games, and lots of “Oohs” and “Aahs” as the presents are opened.
One of our initial concerns with Rose was that we had not brought ANY baby related things with us. With only a limited number of suitcases, we only brought what we thought we would be using in the short term. The Baby Shower that was organized for Lana was more of a “Baby Flood”; the generosity of those ladies was incredible.
After looking over all the presents, we worked out we need to buy nothing to get ready for Rose. Of course, now the challenge is to make sure Rose is able to wear all the clothes before she grows out of them!

Lana opening the gifts (with lots of help)

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