31 January 2004

Doughnuts (Donuts)

Whilst training new Chicago dealers in Denver, David was introduced to what he was told were the best doughnuts in the world. “Krispy Kreme Donuts”. Basically, this company makes millions of donuts everyday and people go through the drive through to get hot and fresh doughnuts. They are basically soft doughnuts that are then covered in a thin icing. Most supermarkets will have their own icing covered doughnuts as well as boxes of “Krispy Kreme Donuts” as well. Whilst in Denver, David went with Zoe White from Star’s Melbourne office and they visited the local “Krispy Kreme” store.
The donut making machine is next to the glass exterior wall so you can follow the process. For your edification, here is how they are made:

Step 1:
Mixing and Extruding: “After our special mix has been combined with yeast and water to make a large ball of dough, doughnuts are cut out through an air pressure “extruder”. Some have holes, sone don’t. The ones that don’t will be filled with jelly, custard or cream later.” Note: All the doughnuts are icing coated.

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