31 January 2004


There is a great difference between the US and Australian food tastes. For some reason, the typical US breakfast has a lot of sugar. The first time we went shopping it looked as if the cereal aisle was just full of Frosties and equivalent sugar cereals. With diligent searching we have found some less sugar enriched breakfast fare, but we have basically settled on Rolled Oats for porridge and also home created Muesli, combining the oats with raisins, shredded coconut, and other dried fruits.
This leads to other things we miss – sultanas and desiccated coconut. It could be just a regional thing, but it seems as though sultanas are not available although we can get Raisins and “Golden Raisins” which are similar. Also, coconut is primarily available as “sweetened” coconut. That is, about a content of 1/3rd liquid sugar is mixed with the coconut.

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