29 August 2005

Scott Hogsed Memorial Day 6

Next up was shooting. Each child had the option of firing a BB gun, a 4-10 or 20 guage shotgun. Each child had a fellow from the National Parks service assisting and was provided with eye and ear protection. It was well controlled and the children enjoyed their experience. The target was a picture of a turkey. All the boys succeeded in hitting the target.
James and Eric fired the 4-10 shotgun which only had a slight kick (unlike the one that I fired last time or the time before). The cartridge in James' gun stuck and the man said to James he would need pliers. "I have some!" said James and took out his pocket knife/pliers. The man reacted with surprise and said "Thanks" and took the cartridge out. James was quite happy that his being prepared with his McGyver kit paid off! (This photo is Peter looking at the targets whilst he is waiting for the fellow helping him to get ready)

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