16 August 2005

Lego Star Wars game with real Lego

Yesterday afternoon we played the Lego Star Wars game and so did Mum. She played Episode Three, Chapter Four "Defence of Kashyyk". In this game the Clones have turned into bad guys so Mum has to kill Droids and Clones. They both have Commanders which take two shots to kill and the Clones have Walkers which take about five shots to kill, which makes it tricky. Mum was in free play mode and she was Obi-Wan Kenobi, trying to get some coins but she kept on getting attacked and dying because she kept getting shot. In the end she had to run away. James made a Walker out of Lego and showed Mum and Dad. Dad said to make a scene with Obi-Wan in bits with coins everywere (blue=1,000 gold=100 silver=10 - Mum lost two blue coins, 2,000) and a Walker standing over her.
Written by Eric

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