1 April 2012

Puddles are to jump in

Should I or shouldn't I?
Since the end of the ten year drought we have been blessed with rain.  A lot of rain!
The water tanks catch all the rain from our roof, but as the tanks have been full for so long, the water just goes straight through the tank and out of the overflow. Here is an example of what excess rain is like back from 2006.
But rain eventually stops so we all went for a walk to relieve the cabin fever. Before we travelled 100 metres Zach's boots were already full of water making that lovely squelching sound.
Squelch!  Squelch! Squelch!
"Zach, are you having fun?" I asked, to get a huge grin as he spied another puddle to traverse.
Some way further along we came to the puddle pictured. The photo is worth clicking to get a close up and see Zach's expression as he contemplates a puddle that is so huge.  Notice the toy car in his hand.  This never dropped even during all his running around and puddle playing.
When I printed out the photo for our photo wall I had a quick heart flutter as I thought the photo was all smeared.  Then I realised I had the photo upside down and the smeared part was only the reflection in the puddle!

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Karen said...

ah, small boys and puddles: they seem to go together well!