6 July 2011

Let there be light!

You shall not pass!
We finally have power!
Today was a busy day of organising generators, power cords, working out what the shop could and couldn't provide and all of us wearing lots of clothes.  Brrr!
I went for a short drive and examined the tree which had caused our power issues.  It was quite a large pine trtee and when it came down it pulled down about 500 metres of power line.  You can see at the foreground of my photo the blackened grass.
You may also notice something else about the picture.  No warning signs.
The council - which would take me to court for the most minor infringement of work and safety rules - finished their day without any warning signs that a tree was blocking the road.  The local fire brigade received a call late last night from a truck driver stopped at the tree that the way was blocked and the fire brigade volunteers put up some warning tape and road hazard signs.  Many times today we saw cars drive along the road only to return a short while later and try another way.
We were reasonably busy at the shop providing tea (no coffee machine) and hot food.  The generators powered all our freezers and the milk fridge so my stock was all safe.  Cheers were heard around the village at about 5:00pm when the power returned. 28 hours is a long time without power.

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Karen said...

glad to hear you survived the power outage.
Funny to read that you were cold as we are battling heat and humidity!
Prayers for Ariel and her trip as well!